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Welcome to Positive Presentations

Mildred Ramsey's Super Supervisor© is a high impact, humorous, entertaining, and down to earth people skills training seminar enjoyed by over 1500 client companies in all business sectors. The world's leading manufacturers, in their quest for continual improvement have found Mildred's 7 C's as crucial to operational excellence as the Five S's. Supervisors who experience the training are grateful for improved relationships at work and at home. CEO's, Presidents, HR Directors, and Corporate Lawyers value the strategic impact on their business....... especially the top to bottom improvement in morale, reduced tension in labor/management relations, and good will in the workplace.

Are your front line supervisors sensitive to worker's thoughts and feelings?

Are your front line supervisors positive, enthusiastic leaders that movitate and energize their team?

Do they have the "People Skills" they need?

The Super Supervisor is the only management training program from the employee's viewpoint. In her Super Supervisor book, live seminar and videos, Mildred teaches front line supervisors the people skills they need to connect with their workers and nurture good will in the workplace. After working 42 years as an hourly paid production worker Mildred knows the heartbeat of the worker and is uniquely qualified to teach supervisors "What your employees always wanted to tell you but were afraid you would fire them".........feedback supervisors need but rarely get from their workers.

One senior corporate HR director said:
"From an employee perspective, she teaches supervisors how to treat their employees. Actually, the verb "teach" does not do her justice. Mildred will hand you an invisible mirror. She will show you your interpersonal blemishes. Then hand you a simple , yet profound way to dispel those blemishes through her 12 people skills."

Another client said: "We are a big company with 9 divisions and hundreds of locations in the United States and Canada and we are frequently acquiring new companies. Mildred's Super Supervisor helps us maintain our positive corporate culture by clearly establishing how we expect our people to treated by our managers and teaching them the people skills they need."

Is your company non union and wants to stay that way? Unionized but seeking improved labor/managment relations? Or, like many of our clients with a mixture of union and non union plants seeking unity in the workplace? Either way, Mildred's message will narrow the gap in your labor/management relations. You've heard from Labor lawyers, Labor consultants, and Labor leaders, now hear from labor!

Super Supervisor People Skills: (from Super Supervisor 1 and 2 videos)

  • Getting Response instead of Reaction from people
  • Meeting People's Emotional Needs
  • Building Good Will in the workplace
  • Motivating with Respect and Recognition
  • Being a Super Role model
  • Operating in the Positive Zone
  • Looking Like a Leader and Acting Like a Winner
  • Handling the Superior/Subordinate (Big Me/Little You) factor
  • Creating a Team Spirit With the Will to Win
  • The Magic in using the "Light Touch"
  • Building Unity in the workplace

    Supervisor Training materials:

  • The Super Supervisor Book The Standard "people skill" reference used by over 200,000 supervisors. Now available in Spanish!
  • A Winner Warts and All Book is a motivational and inspirational book by Mildred that improves corporate morale by putting the employees and management on the same page.
  • Three high impact 90-minute Seminar Training videos with optional Workbooks and facilitator guides and audios: Super Supervisor 1, Super Supervisor 2, and a Winner Warts and All, featuring Mildred Ramsey are easy to implement and will strengthen and compliment any existing supervisor training.

  • Free Gift with any Training Video Purchase:

    Attention Corporate Trainers! This 3-step training program has proven very effective and easy to implement with our clients:

    1. Inspire and motivate front-line supervisors with the Super Supervisor book and Super Supervisor seminar video series.
    2. Improve overall corporate moral with "A Winner Warts and All" seminar video and book to all employees.
    3. Re-inforce with the Positive Zone e-newsletter.

    Super Supervisor and Winner Warts and All copy rights and trade marks belong to Positive Presentations, Incorporated and all rights are reserved. Our vision is to leave a Powerful, Positive, and Permanent impression on every individual and organization we touch.

    Positive Presentations, Inc
    4802 Trailwood Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27407
    Phone 336 887 6426
    FAX 336 887 6426

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    The Super Supervisor Book
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  • An essential Basic HR desk reference for every supervisor. 200,000 in circulation in over 1500 client companies. Only $5.00 each for 50 or more! Now available in Spanish.

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    30 min inspirational "Story of Mildred Ramsey" broadcast nationally. DVD copies free with any video purchase. UPGRADE your Super Supervisor Video to DVD plus new Workshop materials.

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